Wisdom Teeth


Wisdom Teeth is a project inspired on the scientific research done by Nicolai Stenonsis (Nicolas Steno) on geology. The production was done in Piedmont, Italy, where the first edition of his publication from 1669 is located.

Firmamentum Continuitas

English title: The extension of the heaven
Year: 2016
Format: HD
Running time (min:sec): 10:57
Production: Universität der Künste Berlin
Country of production: Germany -Russia

Firmamentum Continuitas is a fictional film about Gennady Baranov, an ex cosmonaut that used to have undercover interviews with the pope Paul VI. They tried to decided in lights-year how big the universe was and where exactly, stated in lights-years, the metaphorical heaven of the religion begins.

Director: Esteban Rivera

Executive Producer: Taisia Kascheeva

Producer assistant: Katja Scholz

Producer: Esteban Rivera

Director of Photography: Kir Anderson

Sound Recording: Ada Laub

Illustrations: Ana Rivera and Dariya Susak

Die Versteinerten

English title: Fossilized
Year: 2015
Format: HD
Running time (min:sec): 07:31
Production: Universität der Künste Berlin

The Walter Gropius House in Dessau, Germany reproduces the original volume of the house, which works as a metaphor of what is fossilized. The idea of Modernism remains in this case in a fossil state, and survives in time as a trace of what once was.

Director: Esteban Rivera

Interview: David Stodolsky

Sound Design: Mariana León

A solas

Fictional piece about a multifaceted guy, an artist, a singer, a music composer, an independent label producer, and a dad.
He’s by his own and he has found a way to survive without working. Overall Darcy has solved how to do things without needing much more than its self existence.

A solas is a narrative experiment that mixes several interviews to build up a single story. Co-Directed with Valentina Romero.

Video HD
Length: 30′


Trespassing is a video exploration in Seaview Hospital in Long Island, NY. I went searching for vestiges fo what used to be a Sanatorium. The final result poses the question of decomposition as state of things metaphor, the rise and decline of institutional plans.


  • Video HD
  • Length: 5’00
  • 2010