Firmamentum Continuitas

English title: The extension of the heaven
Year: 2016
Format: HD
Running time (min:sec): 10:57
Production: Universit√§t der K√ľnste Berlin
Country of production: Germany -Russia

Firmamentum Continuitas is a fictional film about Gennady Baranov, an ex cosmonaut that used to have undercover interviews with the pope Paul VI. They tried to decided in lights-year how big the universe was and where exactly, stated in lights-years, the metaphorical heaven of the religion begins.

Director: Esteban Rivera

Executive Producer: Taisia Kascheeva

Producer assistant: Katja Scholz

Producer: Esteban Rivera

Director of Photography: Kir Anderson

Sound Recording: Ada Laub

Illustrations: Ana Rivera and Dariya Susak

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