Rushing employees Device


Rushing employees Device is a device designed for work environments and useful in rush hours at work.

“I take objects designed to facilitate architectural organization and insert them into daily manufactured environments.  Camouflaged by functionality, these objects are then used against their intended purposes. They disrupt the way we are trained to interact with our physical spaces. They become sabotage interfaces: prosthetic devices between people that are intended to interrupt the programmed interactions for the purpose of underlining the preexistent hierarchies and dynamics.
I want objects to sneak into the constructed world and corrupt it.
The physical pieces used here allude to a user-friendly coexistence and the inviting aesthetic that is built into commercial products and architecture.”

Excerpt from the article “Working slowly” – Esteban Rivera

Mechanical hand with gradable speed knob to accelerate or decelerate the fingers velocity.

  • Dispositivo para afanar empleados
  • Media: Silicone, engine, movement sensor, sound amplifier.
  • 2010


“I’m willing to think about the way we occupy time while waiting. I observe the way people are conditioned specifically with regard to ask optimization procedures.
The strategy used in this work was to amplify gestures that are at the core of daily negotiation tactics and underline them as institutionalized control strategies. By showing the duration of various time lapses and deforming them, the subtle rules inhabiting the smallest social agreements become visible.”

Excerpt from the article “Working slowly” – Esteban Rivera

Timelap 1

  • Video HD.
  • Length: 1’00.
  • 2010


Video signal interference in “Banco de la República de Colombia”
“Ticket dispensers, teller machines, box offices are all relation interfaces. My work is to point at them in an entropic direction using disorder to define time/spaces economies. I am trying to think of socially constructed behavior as a contemporary commercial product. I like the art that sneaks into the constructed world and corrupt it.”

Excerpt from the article “Working slowly” – Esteban Rivera

Bombas – Banco de la República

  • Video NTSC.
  • Length: 00’30.
  • 2009