Rushing employees Device


Rushing employees Device is a device designed for work environments and useful in rush hours at work.

“I take objects designed to facilitate architectural organization and insert them into daily manufactured environments. ¬†Camouflaged by functionality, these objects are then used against their intended purposes. They disrupt the way we are trained to interact with our physical spaces. They become sabotage interfaces: prosthetic devices between people that are intended to interrupt the programmed interactions for the purpose of underlining the preexistent hierarchies and dynamics.
I want objects to sneak into the constructed world and corrupt it.
The physical pieces used here allude to a user-friendly coexistence and the inviting aesthetic that is built into commercial products and architecture.”

Excerpt from the article “Working slowly” – Esteban Rivera

Mechanical hand with gradable speed knob to accelerate or decelerate the fingers velocity.

  • Dispositivo para afanar empleados
  • Media: Silicone, engine, movement sensor, sound amplifier.
  • 2010
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